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Alumni Activity

The JDS Philippines has launched the Alumni Activity since 2018 for the returned-fellows to be able to promote the scholarship project upon their return to the Philippines.

JICE and JICA co-hosted the JDS 20th Anniversary Event held on October 6 and 7, 2022, supported by Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. The members of the Operating Committee from the National Economic and Development Authority and the Civil Service Commission also celebrated the milestone of the human capital development of JDS Philippines. From JDS Philippines, a total of 419 international students as of 2022 has been sent to Japan.

JDS Alumni members, mainly the members of JICA Alumni Association of the Philippines (JAAP) took a great initiative to make this event come true, coordinating with JICA and JICE for several months.

JDS Alumni actively exchanged their thoughts on the improvement of the JDS and its alumni activity how it has been and how it should go from now on, foreseeing the upcoming 25th anniversary for the next time. Each participant reaffirmed the importance of human resource development and continuation of JDS for the Philippines.

We are pleased to share with you the JDS Follow-up Activity, the first publication project titled, Contemporary Development Issues in the Philippines - Lessons from JDS Fellows, funded by the JICE JDS Follow-up Fund FY2021.
This publication project was introduced and edited by Dr. QUIMBA Francis Mark, JDS 4th Batch Alumnus (2006-2008) and Dr. HARA Masatoshi, former Country Officer of JICE Philippines as the Chief-Editors. The chapters were also written by JDS returned fellows and JICA Philippines Office. This book raised the contemporary development issues in the Philippines, providing policy recommendations, especially under the COVID-19 Pandemic. The co-authors also shared their experiences and lessons learned during their studies in Japan.
Due to the limited budget, the paperback version has the limited number to be available. If you would like to read the contents, you may download it from the following blue button "eBook Download" below.

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